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Making the Old Batmobile

Making the Old Batmobile Making the Old Batmobile

The Batman, is a superhero that always helping people and fighting for justice. He is a famous character from Batman movie that has been for several decades becoming hit. Batman always fights the evil using his car. He calls his car Batmobile. The Batmobile is a special vehicle because inside it, high technology weapons and gadgets are installed. The Batmobile has great design and if you want to know the 1966 batmobile you can make its paper model because you will find it hard to find the first Batman movie videos these days.

To make the first version of Batmobile, you need to download 1966 batmobile Papercraft pdf. This PDF file contains anything that you need to make the Batmobile paper model such as the Batmobile pattern and the instruction guide. The pattern should be printed on the paper and then cut. You should use Papercraft tools to fold and cut the printed pattern.

After it is cut and folded, you should glue it. Put small amount of glue and then attach it. Attach as instructed and you will get the perfect shape of the Batmobile. Don’t forget to put a hard paper as the base for the car so you can put it on your desk.

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