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Finding Automata Paper Models

Hammer Automata Finding Automata Paper Models

Automata is defines as self-operating machine. It means the machine can move by its own power. If you want to make automata paper models, you need to know the basic knowledge of mechanic movements. There are many automatas that you can buy from the stores but it would be very great if you could make one. You can start by making automata paper models.

To help you make it, you can browse the internet and find the Automata paper models that you can download for free. One of the famous automata is hammer automata. This paper models can move up and down without outside power. To make the paper model you should download it first. To make great color on the automata you should use print it on thick paper. The use of thick paper will make the hammer stand still. Cut the paper according the provided lines and then fold it.

In folding the paper, you should follow the instructions and do it carefully to ensure the perfect shape. After the folding process is over, you should attach the parts using glue. Wait for several minutes and let the glue drying. After it has dried, you can try to move the automata.

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