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Cute Pokemon Totodile Papercraft Model

Cute Pokémon Totodile Papercraft Model 300x204 Cute Pokemon Totodile Papercraft Model

People say Pokémon Gold is one of the best Pokémon game ever created. It combines two regions Johto and Kanto that makes gamer can do many things. The first 3 starters that this game has are also unique. One of them is Totodile. If you really big fan of Pokémon game and of course Totodile, one of the strongest water Pokémon, you can try this Pokémon Totodile 3 d papercraft.

This papercraft model brings our lovely Totodile from games into reality. The shape and design of this Pokemon Totodile paper model craft has high detail. From strip pattern on this Pokémon chest, the big jaw that it has and its color are just looks like real Totodile bring alive. To assembly this papercraft model is easy. This model can be categorized as moderate difficulty. But, you might need to try little hard when you make its finger. It’s quite tricky to fold this part to make it looks like the real Totodile.

It’s of course free Pokémon Totodile papercraft model. Therefore, its great choice to have fun, spend your relax time as well as collection for Pokémon fans like you. You can get it from download link below. And beware, the cutest and strongest water Pokémon is about to come into your room.

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