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Fun and Challenging Gundam MSA-011 EX-S Papercraft Model

Gundam EX S Papercraft 225x300 Fun and Challenging Gundam MSA 011 EX S Papercraft Model

Fun and challenge are two things that we can get from playing papercraft. There’re so many papercraft model that you can find out there for free and that could be great choice for your relaxation activity. But, if we’re talking about fun and challenging papercraft, we talk about Gundam MSA-011 EX-S papercraft model. In fact, I recommended this papercraft model for you who experienced with papercraft.

It’s one of complicated papercraft model that you can find. But, if you find out how detail and beautiful the end result, the 3d Gundam MSA-011 EX-S paper models is worthy to try. You won’t regret for all energy and time that you use for assembly every part of this papercraft model. Like mentioned before, this model has high detail.  Each part of Gundam robot from arms, legs to tiny part, such as plate to cover its body is designed beautifully. The detail of its head is similar with the Gundam robot in the movie. And after you finished assembly all of its part, you will get models with 80 cm tall, which is quite big.

The Gundam MSA-011 EX-S papercraft templates that you can download for free for this model have quite large file size. In the templates, there’s also assembling instruction. So, this is beautiful, fun and challenging paper model that you can get.

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