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High Detail Lich King Helmet Papercraft Model

High Detail Lich King Helmet Papercraft Model 293x300 High Detail Lich King Helmet Papercraft Model

When the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion of WoW game is launched, the character design of Lich King is astounded me. It’s surely created by talented 3D artist. For the detail, it has great high detail. From its texture, and complexity it scores the highest point. Maybe Lich King in this game is one of the coolest characters that I ever found. You also agree with me, aren’t you?

Actually, we can have this character by using this Lich King Helmet papercraft model. It’s one of papercraft mode that has high detail design but easy to assembly. This papercraft model represents the whole helmet that wear by Lich King in WoW. There’s detail design of its crown, the jewel in the middle of the helmet and the eye protector where in the game, it’s the place that burnt when Lich King get angry. The color for this model isn’t so astounding. It’s typical gradation color that you can find on many papercraft models. But, combine it with the detail of it design, it give birth of real replica of Lich King Helmet.

This Lich King Helmet Papercraft is free papercraft model. You will get detail base model as well as instruction how to build it. And for WoW lover and papercraft artist, this is one of many artistic papercraft that you should have.

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