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Coolest Weapon Model, Pico Flint War Hammer Papercraft

Coolest Weapon Model Pico Flint War Hammer Papercraft 190x300 Coolest Weapon Model, Pico Flint War Hammer Papercraft

The most interesting thing that makes WoW games popular is maybe the design of each character. Each character has unique design and it show how their personality and ability. There’re thousand designs of character, building and weapon. But, maybe the coolest among all is Pico Flint War Hammer design. This is one of the weapons that have great attack in WoW games and of course it has beautiful design.

You can have it by using this Pico Flint War Hammer 3d papercraft model. It’s quite resemble the real Pico Flint War Hammer that you can find in the WoW game. There’s feather, wood as its stick and other part. The color and texture is also designed in high detail. You can easily differentiate the wood, stone and feather color and texture that this weapon have. And because of its high detail, you might need some moment to understand how to assembly it. But, if you have experience in assembling papercraft before, it won’t be a problem for you.

You can get this papercraft model by downloading it from the link below. And this is free Pico Flint War Hammer papercraft. It’s great choice for you who love papercraft as well as love to play World of WarCraft game.

Download it Here


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