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Pomeranian Dog 3D Papercraft Model

Pomeranian Pomeranian Dog 3D Papercraft Model

Dog is men’s best friend, you must familiar with this quote. And actually, that’s true. If you have dog, you won’t only have pet, but, you also have guardian that will keep your house from dangerous thing, friend that will always make you smile when you have problem and also friend that always ready to have fun with you. You don’t need to have real dog to experience all of those great things. Simply with Pomeranian 3d papercraft model, that would be enough.

This model has detail design of Pomeranian dog. The physique design of this Pomeranian paper model craft visualized a healthy Pomeranian dog. After you finish it, you will find a standing cute Pomeranian dog with tongue sticking out begging to play with you. Face and tail is designed with great design. Although, the face of this Pomeranian papercraft model only image printing model, but, the shape of nose, forehead and ear is in high detail. The tail is designed in detail as well. The fur also has high detail. Although, it’s not like real fur, but, the color and gradation is like real one.

You can download this papercraft models Pomeranian for free. It’s small size base model file with simple model. And it’s easy to assembly.

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