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Sugar Glider Papercraft Model for Cutest Animal Lover

Sugar Glider Sugar Glider Papercraft Model for Cutest Animal Lover

There’re many unique species of animal that you can found in the world. And having one of those cutest and unique animals could become great way to make your stress disappear. However, that would be impossible, if you don’t have time to give them best treatment. Therefore, you can use papercraft model as replacement.

From many cutest papercraft models that I ever found, maybe Sugar Glider 3d papercraft model is the cutest one. Its model of Sugar Glider one of marsupial animal that can flying or gliding precisely, from trees to trees. This papercraft model show the pose of this animal when its fly. The membranes between front and back paws are wide open. This papercraft model has not so detail design. The texture and color are printed out picture. But, the most beautiful part of this model is its head. It’s so detail, from eyes, mouth, nose and ears. It’s one of the animal papercraft models you must have.

It’s of course free to download. You will get full base model with instruction in PDF file. And because this free Sugar Glider papercraft model has simple design, it’s suitable for beginner or you who have experience in assembling papercraft and love cute animal model.

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