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High Detail Samurai Gundam Papercraft Model

Samurai Gundam 3d Papercraft 300x288 High Detail Samurai Gundam Papercraft Model

When we talk about the most popular mecha anime from Japan, the first thing that pops up inside your mind would be Gundam. Yes, Gundam even become some word to say combat robot. As we all know, there’re many type of Gundam robot. But, the most interesting one is like what you can find on this Samurai Gundam 3d Papercraft.

If we talk about detail, this papercraft model is the winner. This Samurai Gundam papercraft model has beyond highest detail for papercraft. It doesn’t only detail in its shape and texture, but, most of its design is adjustable. Like its palm that can hold the sword or stick, its arm and almost everything. The shape and texture is also very Gundam-like, but, its Chibi type Gundam model or you might know it as SD Gundam. There’re two swords that you can place along with this papercraft model. It can stand without base. And like its detail design, the base model you need to assembly is also many. So, using assembly instruction is important when you want to make this papercraft model.

And Samurai Gundam paper model is free papercraft you can download. You can get it via download link below. But, one thing for sure, its beautiful papercraft model that you, Gundam lover, must have.

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