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Cute Superman Paper Model

SuperPaperMen Cute Superman Paper Model

It’s bird. No, it’s not bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s not a plane, its Superman. You might familiar with this sentence. It’s famous opening quote in every Superman movie. Yes, one of the unique superhero that you can find. Like his name, he is super strong human that can lift anything, shot laser from his eyes and many other ability that you must familiar with. But, you can have him watching your back when you sleeping, with this Superman 3d papercraft.

What you can find on Superman paper model craft isn’t only a paper model for Superman. But, this papercraft model is cute Superman model. Yes, it has wide eyes, like what you can find on many Japan animation characters, simple body that make it cute and easy to assembly. Although, it’s simple model, it’s still showing some Superman trademark, such as robe, S word on his chest and even S-shape pony hair on his forehead. It can stand up on this model legs with help from robe. So, it’s better, if you print it on the thicker paper.

It’s free Superman papercrafts to download. You will get 2 type of PDF, which are plain base model and lined base model. Overall, it’s cute enough for you who love Superman and also need some unique figurine for your desk decoration.

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