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Mini Commodore SX-64 Papercraft

Commodore SX 64 Papercraft Paper Model Mini Commodore SX 64 Papercraft

Classic stuff is always great choice for decoration. There’s old photo on your wall or jar from Ming Dynasty that you can use for room decoration. But, that’s not all. If you really love technology and gadget, you should get old computer model for your room decoration. There’re many kinds of earlier model of computer that you can get. But, if you want to get the most popular one, you can try Commodore SX-64 3d paper model.

This is the first model of computer that we use today. It has quite detail design. In this 3d Commodore SX-64 papercraft, there’s keyboard, monitor, floppy disk drive and the CPU. The keyboard is like real one with detail key and button like what you find on many keyboards. On the monitor screen of this model, there are also some words. You actually can edit this by using some graphic software when you download the base picture to make this papercraft. So, you can make it says anything that you want. However, the CPU isn’t designed so detail. It’s just like a box.

This papercraft model is free to download and Commodore SX-64 Papercrafts models also have small size. It’s about your palm size big. It’s simple to assembly, so, everyone, even beginner, can assembly this model.

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