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Skyarm Ladder Paper Model

skyarm Skyarm Ladder Paper Model

Have you ever seen a fire truck? Fire truck is a truck used to fight big fire that burn buildings. Fire truck usually has Skyarm ladder. It is a ladder that has several part that can be set to reach higher place. The skyarm ladder usually is put on the top of a fire truck and it is very useful to help the firefighter to make rescue and stop the fire that burn buildings. If you are amazed with this skyarm ladder, you can have its miniature by buying it in the accessories store.

However, if your money is not enough, you can make its miniature from paper. You can make Skyarm paper models with only few simple steps and also cheaper way. The first thing that you have to do is downloading the Skyarm design from the internet. You can find it easily using Google. The second step is printing the file on a thick paper. The thick paper is useful to maintain the shape of the Skyarm truck.

After the printing is finished, cut the card paper model according to the provided line and then fold it. Fold carefully so you will get the perfect shape. Glue each part carefully and let it dries. In a couple of minutes, your skyarm is ready.

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