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Canary and Cage Paper Model

cage canary Canary and Cage Paper Model

Have you ever seen Canary Bird? Canary Bird is a small bird with high pitch sound. The bird usually has bright yellow color. The Canary bird is famous because it is used in several famous movies such as cartoon movies. The Canary bird is so cute and no wonder many people want to make it as pet. Canary bird usually is kept on a beautiful cage. If you want to have a canary bird, it is better if you don’t keep the real bird. Instead, you can make its paper models.

Make Canary paper craft is helping canary bird to survive. Moreover, making the paper craft is also very easy. All you need is only to find canary pattern from the internet and then download it to your hard drive. Be sure to download the free paper models only to avoid future problems. After you print the paper pattern with a color printer, prepare scissors to cut the models. Cut carefully according to the line.

After you have finished cutting the canary Paper models, prepare glue. Before you apply the glue, make sure that you have folded the paper as instructed by the manual and then apply the glue in the provided space. When the glue is dried, your canary bird along with its cage is ready.

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