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Optimus Prime Paper Model

Optimus Prime Paper Model 228x300 Optimus Prime Paper Model

Do you know Optimus Prime? It is a popular character from Transformer movie. A great robot has job to defend earth from the attack of other robots. Optimus Prime is a good robot and many children also adult love it. The Optimus Prime has great appearance and powerful look. You can have Optimus Prime in your room by buying its toys from the store. However, if you don’t have enough money to buy, you can make the Optimus Prime paper model.

Making Optimus Prime paper model is very easy because you can find hundreds of different Optimus Prime designs from the internet. The models are made based on the real character. Just go to website that provide the Optimus Prime Paper model download and then download it to your hard drive. If you have color printer, print the design with color inks so you don’t need to put more color.

Cut the printed version of the Optimus Prime paper toy and glue it carefully. Fold the paper according to the motif before you glue it and only put glue on the provided space only. Attach the both parts and let it dry for a moment and your Optimus Prime paper model is ready.

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