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Paddle Steamer Paper Model

paddle steamer Paddle Steamer Paper Model

If you take a look into old story books or old movies, you’ll see what is called paddle steamer. It is boat with paddle wheels on the both sides of the boat. The wheels are turned by a steam engine, just like the old locomotives. The paddle wheels are very important to move the boat on the water, especially on the water that has currents. The paddle steamers are previously created in the 19 centuries before fuel machine is found. If you want to have paddle steamer paper models, you can make it by yourself.

You don’t need much to make the paddle steamer model. All you need just paper model design that can be simply downloaded from the internet, scissors, and glue. The first thing that you should do is downloading the paddle steamer Paper Model. Find it by typing the keyword on the search engine. Choose the models of the paddle steamer you like and download it.

The paddle steamer paper models are usually stored in pdf file and it can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader that you can download free from its official website. Print the PDF file into a thick paper and then cut according to the motif. Attach the part with glue and let it dried. Now you have a beautiful Paddle Steamer paper model in your room.

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