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Red Ogre Paper Craft

mask red ogre Red Ogre Paper Craft

If you live in Japan, you’ll know about a great festival called bean-throwing festival. This festival is a part of Japanese culture that has been existed for hundreds of years. According to local belief, the bean throwing festival will bring so many lucks to the local people and prosperity. They will have successful harvest and food stocks are full. This festival is also identical with Ogre mask. It is a scary mask with red color. If you don’t know what ogre is, you can try to make its paper model.

The Free ogre paper models can be obtained easily from the internet. The internet is truly the source for almost anything and you can find the ogre paper models by simply type it on the search engine. The paper models are usually stored in PDF files and you can simply download it to your hard drive. However, never download paper models from paid website. It can drain your money.

If you already download the paper models, you should print it. Choose the paper type that thick enough to keep the shape such as paper mate type. Cut the paper models carefully and put glue on the provided space. Attach both surfaces to make paper models done, and now you have Red Ogre mask.

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