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Red Dragonfly Paper Craft

e dragonfly Red Dragonfly Paper Craft

If you go to the garden in the evening, you’ll see many helicopter-shaped animals. It has long tails and wide wing. The animal is called dragonfly. Dragonfly is a beautiful animal it can with great speed or fly with vertical style. Dragonfly usually lives near water because when it is small or in the larva stage, it lives in the water and eats small organism living in the water. After it has grown up to the adult stage, it catches insects. Dragonfly lays its eggs near the water and so the live cycle continues.

If you admire dragonfly you can make dragonfly Paper modelling. You can find the dragonfly designs from the internet. The most famous dragonfly is the red Dragonfly. It has red color over its body. You can find the paper craft design for the red dragonfly by opening websites with paper craft design.

If you have one, pick the dragonfly models that you want and download it. Print the Paper models dragonfly with a color printer and then cut it according to the provided line. Prepare glue to attach the parts and in few minutes, you have the beautiful red dragon paper craft that can be place under your ceiling with a slight rope.

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