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Making a Ghost House with Paper

halloween Making a Ghost House with Paper

This year, Halloween night should be scarier than the last year. The Halloween party is a tradition that takes place a night before the Christian feast of All Saints’ Day. This tradition is to celebrate the opening of the gates to the spirit world. When the gate is opened, the spirit of the dead, witches, and nymphs will go roaming the world. According to the tradition, to face with the spirits, living humans should put on a mask and make a fire.

However, in the modern world, the tradition become a fun holiday with various costumes and feast. You can make many ghostly decorations for your house, so your house looks scary. You can also make Halloween papercraft and place it in front of your house. To make the paper craft, you don’t have to draw it first because you can simply find many Paper models ghost house. Just type on the search engine and you’ll get what you need. The paper craft design usually available in PDF file and you can print it before you cut it.

Cut the Paper models ghost toys using sharp scissors and then prepare glue. Put enough glue on the provided space and attach the parts. Wait until it’s dried and put it in front of your house.

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