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3D Super Paparu Papercraft

papercraft paradise super paparu 300x274 3D Super Paparu Papercraft

Mascot is one of important elements in a product or service. By using mascot your customers will easily know about your products and your service. The type of the mascot is various and you need to know that several mascots are funny and cute.

Papercraft is a useful medium in which you can see the example such as super paparu papercraft. Actually, super paparu is the new mascot of papercraft paradise. The overview of this design is a superhero and it is considered as funny superhero papercraft. This character is using a costume and mask. The costume is blue and the mask is red. The smiling face makes this superhero papercraft design looks funny and not scary at all. Because it is a mascot papercraft model it means this model is also bringing the logo of the papercraft paradise.

You can see that on the costume there is a symbol of 2 P and a scissor in the middle of the letter. Probably this papercraft is a little bit complicated to make but I bet you can do it. If you like to collect papercraft especially superhero papercraft you can use this super Paparu as your latest collection and it will be different from your previous superhero papercraft collection.

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