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One Piece Papercraft Series: The Thousand Sunny

thousand sunny papercraft one piec1 204x300 One Piece Papercraft Series: The Thousand Sunny

For those who like to see One Piece, probably you know all the characters well. You also need to remember one of the characters in which it doesn’t speak at all but it helps the pirate group on their journey.

The answer of this character is the ship of the pirate group and you may collect it by making the ship. What makes it different is that although it is a pirate ship but it doesn’t look scary and even it looks funny and cute. If you like to collect One Piece character you can also make The Thousand Sunny papercraft model. Actually, this is the second ship to replace the first ship namely Going Marry.

Basically, the design is similar and this ship of straw hat pirate papercraft design can be your next collection. It is considered as a complicated papercraft project because it serves with high detail. One Piece ship papercraft is considered as a unique transportation device because the symbol is not scary and even colorful. You need to download the instruction and the pattern first and then make it step by step by reading the instruction well. Later, you can put the miniature of the ship beside the other One Piece collections to make it complete.

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