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Scrapbook Papercraft Design in Japanese Style

12inch Kits Japanese style 0055 Scrapbook Papercraft Design in Japanese Style

If you like to collect the photograph of your children it means you have to prepare several photo frames. Buying it all seems a little bit expensive and sometimes the design is monotonous. Probably, this information can give you an idea. You need to know that papercraft is a popular paper art in which you can find any kind of designs including a design for photo frame.

For those who like to collect Japanese stuffs you can also find Japanese photo frame papercraft design. This photo frame is large enough in which the size of the frame is 12 inch. From this 12 inch photo frame papercraft you can put at least 4 photos. The color of the frame is also attracting and interesting which is it covered with red and pastel color. The motif of the frame is butterfly and most children like to see a butterfly.

Moreover, red is a favorite color for Japanese people. Because this scrapbook Japanese style papercraft is not the same with papercraft toy so the way to make it will be simpler. Just follow the instruction and hopefully you can make a good and attractive photo frame for your beloved children and even you can let your children help you to finish this project.

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