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Superhero Papercraft: Super Turtle Dumpy Papercraft

super turtle dumpy paper toy 276x300 Superhero Papercraft: Super Turtle Dumpy Papercraft

Probably, you want something unique whether for your own collection or for a gift. If it is the case, you can try to use papercraft as a fresh and a new ides. Superhero character is commonly available and it seems that most people who like to make papercraft design have it.

For fresh superhero character, you can try to make a super turtle dumpy papercraft model. The model of this superhero papercraft model is different with the other superhero character. This superhero character is not using a mask and only using a hat. The face of this character is also not too scary and serious but it has smiling face. The uniqueness of this dumpy superhero paper toy is that in the part of the body.

Just like the name which is super turtle it means the body is like a turtle. It wears a letter T belt and there is a word “Super Turtle” in the hat. This 3d superhero dumpy papercraft can be downloaded for free. The level of the difficulty is average and there is strong possibility that you can finish this project as soon as possible. This is concerning to the fact that the shape is not too complicated to unite such as square and round.

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