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Star Festival Papercraft Set

starfestival thl Star Festival Papercraft Set

Certain countries such as Japan, Korea, and Vietnam are celebrating star festival. In Japanese language, star festival is known as Tanabata. The way to celebrate this festival is simple in which you put a note card on a bamboo branch and it hopes that the dream will come true. If you want to celebrate star festival but it is difficult for you to find the bamboo, you may use papercraft.

You can find this kind of papercraft in Japanese Seasonal Festival papercraft model. What you need to make in this Tanabata papercraft design is the bamboo branch, colorful lampion, and the note card. It is considered as a simple papercraft design and the color is attracted enough. Before starting this project you need to download the star festival set papercraft pattern and then print it on matte photo paper for best quality.

It is up to you whether you want to print it in A4 paper or letter paper. By the time you done with this Star Festival Decoration papercraft project, you may write your dream on the note available and hanging the note on the bamboo branch. Although it is made of paper but you can make it just like a real Tanabata festival and write all your dreams there.

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