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Pikmin Papercraft Model for Your Collection

Pikmin Papercraft White Purple 300x246 Pikmin Papercraft Model for Your Collection

When we talk about flower, we talk about beautiful plant with beautiful color. But, you can’t find it on GameCube game, Pikmin. The character on this game is the flower bud with horrible looks. But, although, they’re designed so horrible, but, they looks cute for game character. Like what you can find on this Pikmin Papercraft Model.

This model has detail shape of two Pikmin character. And when I say the detail, this Pikmin 3d papercraft model has high detail. You can find the hair of the purple Pikmin, the weird eyes of the white Pikmin, the flower bud on their head, which one is still on bud stage and the other one has bloomed. These two characters stand on a log. It just like says to you, “Let’s dance”. The great thing about this papercraft model is the proportion of the body of the Pikmin character. It just looks the character in the game bring out to real world. It’s great.

And this is free Pikmin Papercraft Model that you also can download along with the instruction. You can use it as the game character collection or just for decoration. It’s all good to me. There’s link here that you can follow to get this intermediate level papercraft model.

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