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Super Mario Fire Flower Papercraft for You

super mario fire flower papercraft 300x225 Super Mario Fire Flower Papercraft for You

When we talk about flower, we talk about beautiful and colorful plant that will make our place looks beautiful and fresh. But, there’s flower that can shoot fire. And you can only find it in Super Mario games. It’s the Mario’s enemy, but, in the game it designed in cute style. So, if you like playing this game, you must love this enemy.

The Super Mario Fire Flower Papercraft Model has great model of this Super Mario games character. Its 3d model with the shape of flower and it has eye on its petal. It has no mouth, but, it’s cute enough to be a desk decoration. Looking at the model, it’s surely one of complicated papercraft that you can get. It has detail shape of its leaves and other part of flower. However, there’s one disappointed that you will get, when you get this papercraft model. Like in the games, this flower can shoot fire. But, in this papercraft models, there’s no fire model. It would be great, if there’s one. And that make this papercraft more look like the character in the game.

But, although, it’s not complete model like the one in the game, this free Super Mario Fire Flower papercraft is great model that you who love papercraft must have. And you can use the link here, to get this model.

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