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Simple and Beautiful Lei: Hibiscus Papercraft Model

lei hibiscus Simple and Beautiful Lei: Hibiscus Papercraft Model

Do you know why flower always become a great decoration for any room, even a bathroom? It’s because, flower has natural bright color that make every room where you put it looks more beautiful. But, having flower as decoration surely need lot of work to do. That’s not good for you who have no time to do that thing. However, you can still get the flower in your room with using flower model, like Lei: hibiscus papercraft model.

It’s simple papercraft, but, because there’re many hibiscus flower that you need to create to make this whole papercraft model finished, it become more complicated. These Lei: hibiscus 3d papercraft model has simple but detail design. You can find that the hibiscus flower in this model has high detail quality, although, its only printable texture. But, with combination of flower and leaves, it make this flower bouquet looks great to hang on your wall.

And because there’re many hibiscus flowers in free Lei: hibiscus papercraft, you need to be patience. But, that’s fun and great activity to do to have some relaxation or just spending your time. and, you can always use full manual how to assembly this model, that you can get along with base model for this papercraft.

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