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Cute and Funny Flower Bouquet Monster Papercraft

Flower Bouquet Monster Papercraft 227x300 Cute and Funny Flower Bouquet Monster Papercraft

If you hear the word monster, you must imagine about a creature with scary looking face and it want to kill you. That was only a monster imagination on the past. Nowadays, there’re many monster that create, although, it has long and sharp fang, but, its looks very cute. Just like this Flower Bouquet Monster papercraft.

It’s look super cute, or maybe, we can say about it looks, it looks stupid. Yes, this Flower Bouquet Monster 3d papercraft model is visualized a funny monster, holding a bouquet of flower and want to say “Hi, its spring and I want to give you some flower.” the funnier thing about this papercraft is it using simple box papercraft style. So, it make this model looks more cute and funny. The monster in this model has horn, although, it’s not symmetry between left and right and some square ears.

And because it has box shape, this free Flower Bouquet Monster papercraft is easy to make. You don’t really need the instruction here, even the beginner can make it without any problem. And, with its funny and cute looks, it will be great for decoration. And if you want to download it, you can get it from link below.

Download it Here


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