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Skiploom Papercraft Model

pokemon skiploom papercraft 300x212 Skiploom Papercraft Model

For Pokémon lover, they will know about Skiploom, a grass Pokémon, which is also great Pokémon that you can beat to train your Pokémon speed EV. It’s cute and beautiful flower shape Pokémon. So, if you really like Pokémon and flower, this Pokémon is great choice for your room decoration. And of course, you can get the real Pokémon for this one. Therefore, Skiploom papercraft model can be a great solution for you.

You can get it by following link in the end of this article. At there, you can find the papercraft model that you can download for free. But, let’s get back to the topic. This Skiploom 3d papercraft model has detail design like what you can see on the Pokémon game. There’s a yellow petal on its head and with cute small eyes. This model is in stand up pose. So, you can put it on your desk or any flat surface and there, it becomes great decoration.

Although, it looks like complicated and difficult model to made, actually, it’s simple model. If you don’t believe me, you can look at free Skiploom papercraft model assembly instruction and base sketch, and you can find that you just need to do some cut and glue and it’s done.

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