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Simple Easter Flower Basket Papercraft Model

basket flower Simple Easter Flower Basket Papercraft Model

Decorating your room with flower is great choice. It can make your room looks more colorful and beautiful. However, you need to give best treatment for the flower, so, it won’t die. If you don’t have time to do this, you can change it with beautiful flower painting. Or, if you don’t have money to buy beautiful painting, you can use beautiful Easter Flower Basket papercraft as the cheap replacement.

Why is it cheap? You can get this Easter flower Basket papercraft model for free. However, it has beautiful and cute design. However, it’s only 2d models. So, you can only put it on the wall or use it as decoration on your desk. This papercraft has simple design. It just a model of basket with some flower on it and there’s leaves and ivy growing and wrapping the basket. Its look natural, but, it’s not really special. But, it’s cute enough to be a decoration for your room.

You can get this free Easter Flower Basket papercraft along with the assembly instruction. So, you won’t have problem when you try to assembly it. Actually, you can assembly it without the instruction, because it’s easy to make.  Just use the link below to get to the place where you can download this papercraft.

Download it Here


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