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Cute Bear with Tall Ice Cream Papercraft Model

rilakumma papercraft icecream 150x150 Cute Bear with Tall Ice Cream Papercraft Model

Probably, you want to give something cute in Valentine’s Day. If it is necessary you have to gift something different except flower, chocolate, or just a card. How about if you give your beloved one with cute bear miniature?

If you think it is a good idea, you can just see the example. Cute bear with ice cream papercraft can be your choice. What makes it funny is because the bear papercraft model is bringing a tall ice cream with various flavors and he still finds a way to eat the ice cream. The ice cream is also colorful and it seems delicious to eat. Although the bear is made of paper but you can still give it to your beloved one and of course it is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Even, you don’t need to spend your money because you can download cute bear papercraft pattern for free via online. Probably, you need few days to finish this project but you still have enough time before the exact time. Use this gift as a surprise to the one you love so they will shock with the gift but in the end they are happy to receive your gift, a simple gift but it shares a deep meaning to show how care you are.

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