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Lego Man and Hello Kitty Papercraft Toys

lego man papercraft 011 150x150 Lego Man and Hello Kitty Papercraft Toyspink hello kitty papercraft1 150x150 Lego Man and Hello Kitty Papercraft Toys

Lego and Hello Kitty are two popular character and most of people around the world know about them. Lego is a character in a toy set which has the same name with the character. On the other hand, Hello Kitty is a female cat with a ribbon on the top of her head.

If you want to collect this character, you can try to get it in different form except doll. In this case, you can try to make it in a papercraft. Lego man papercraft toy is the same with the characteristic on the toy especially on the face and the color. In this case, the lego man is wearing certain cloth and you can separate each part just like when you play lego.

Furthermore, you can also start to make a hello kitty papercraft toy. Just like a girl stereotype, this hello kitty is wearing pink cloth and accessory. Flower is the shape of the ribbon that she uses. Both of these papercraft toys really look cute and you can make it as the latest of your collection especially for those who really like to play Lego and take hello kitty as your favorite character. Even, you can also make both of them because it is very easy and simple to finish right away.

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