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Cupid Papertoy as a Valentine Gift

cupid papercraft 300x220 Cupid Papertoy as a Valentine Gift

If we talk about love we can’t separate it with cupid or usually called as the gods of love. This is also the same thing if we talk about Valentine’s Day in which this is considered as the day of love. Cupid will shoot his arrow to the couple who are in love. To feel the sense of love in Valentine’s Day, you can send your couple with a papercraft with related theme.

In this case, you can use Valentine’s Cupid papertoy which you can make by yourself. The main character, the cupid becomes the main character of this papercraft. Moreover, cupid papertoy is a box papertoy in which later you can use it as a place to put the letters from the one you love most.

The cupid is using heart pattern cloth with his common weapon which is bow and an arrow. This valentine gift box papercraft is representing your feeling because there is a word “Be Mine” and again with hearts pattern. Then, you can also add it with your name as the sender and the name of the receiver. The combination between the color of blue sky and pink will show your love and how the cupid will help you to find your eternal love so let the cupid shoot your secret admire.

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