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Golden Pig Papercraft: One of Chinese Lucky Items

golden pig Golden Pig Papercraft: One of Chinese Lucky Items

This is still considered as New Year and in fact this is a New Year for Chinese people. Of course, you need to welcome this New Year with new spirit. For those who are working you can increase your working spirit so you can get more and more money. Chinese people believe that there are several luck items and if you have one of them it means you can get better luck.

One of the lucky items is golden pig. Now, you can just make your own golden pig papercraft. This is considered as a useful papercraft model because the function of this papercraft is also for money box. The color is very typically Chinese colors which are the combination of red and yellow.

This lucky item papercraft can be easily downloaded freely via online. On the body of the pig you can see there are three Chinese letters and it is a symbol of luck. This cute golden pig papercraft toy will help you to call your good luck and reduce your negative risks. Usually this kind of item is uses for people who want to start their business. They put it in front of the store to call more customers to buy their product and you may have it for your latest collection.

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