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Poochyena Papercraft Pokemon Series

Pokemon Poochyena Papercraft 300x202 Poochyena Papercraft Pokemon Series

If you still love to collect something related to Pokemon, you may add your papercraft collection. There are several Pokemon papercraft models you can get and you can easily find it using internet service.

One of the pokemon characters is poochyena papercraft model. This pokemon is an animal monster. Based on the characteristic this pokemon is similar to wolf. Although it looks funny but this type of monster is very dangerous especially when they angry to you. Biting the enemy is their strength and this is how they can defeat the enemy.

If you are interested to start this 3 d poochyena papercraft toy, you can start to download the pattern. The level of this project is difficulty and it needs more time to make it especially in the detail. This Pokemon is made with angry face which it seems that this monster wants to attack its enemy. The position of the design is also an attacking position. The white fur is covered with the angry and it seems that poochyena will attack with its full power to defeat the enemy. Poochyena can also evolve and the evolution is mightyena. Soon, you can add one more collection and you can put it around your Pokemon characters that you have.

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