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Cute Red Ogre Mask Papercraft Model

3dimensional Mask Red Ogre Cute Red Ogre Mask Papercraft Model

Japan is known with its unique and interesting culture as well as the animation movie that they make. One of them is the traditional mask that they have. You might want to get one, if you see this Red Ogre Mask papercraft, because it’s so stunning and beautiful, especially if you use it as room decoration.

Talking about Red Ogre Mask Papercraft model, this papercraft looks plain at the first time you see it. However, if you try to assembly this papercraft, you will find that this is fun papercraft model to make. There’re 8 pages of base picture that you need to assembly and each of them contain part of the mask itself, like teeth, hair, horn and other. And talking about shape, this papercraft model is 3d model. It means you can wear it and it can cover your whole face. Its looks like a rubber mask that you can cover your head.

This is free papercraft model; so, need not to worry about money. But, this free Red Ogre Mask papercraft model has plain red color. It doesn’t have gradation that makes it looks real. So, it little disappointed in this area. However, it’s cute enough for prank and attends costume party.

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