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Shusi Paper Craft

ehou maki papercraft sushi roll 300x241 Shusi Paper Craft

Japan is very rich with delicious raw foods. The Japanese people love to eat various foods from their own creation. One of the most favorite foods in Japan is Shusi. Shusi is the most delicious food in Japan. It is made of raw fish. Shusi is available in several types such as Ehou Maki. It is an uncut, foot long sushi roll. Japanese people eat this type of sushi during Setsubun no hi or the start of spring season.

Few week to come is Setsubun no hi or the first day of spring in Japan. If you live in Japan, you will be able to eat the shusi roll as much as you like. If you are not able to make the shusi, you can make the paper model of it. You can download Shusi Paper model pdf from the internet. You only need to put the correct keyword on the search engine and hit the enter button.

If you have the Paper model download link you can simply click it and then print the paper model with your color printer. When you have printed it, cut it and folded it. To make it firm, you should glue it and you will get the delicious shusi roll.

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