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Light Disc Spacecraft Model

tron legacy light disc papercraft 300x209 Light Disc Spacecraft Model

Have you seen Alien movies? There, you will see many amazing alien spacecraft that has unusual models and shapes. The most popular alien spacecraft is light disc spacecraft. The spacecraft is just like a disk with bright light on the surrounding. The spacecraft can fly with light speed and reach far destination only in seconds.

You can make your own light disc spacecraft. Many people have made the model of it and you can simply download it from the internet. From the internet, you can simply find websites with various Paper model planes that contains light disc spacecraft. The paper model you download should be the free one to avoid future problems with law. After you have downloaded it, you can put color on it using the computer and then print it. Cut the printed version of the light disc model and then prepare the glue.

You should carefully glue the paper model on the provided place and then fold it carefully to get the perfect shape of Light Disc spacecraft. In just a few minutes, you Light Disc spacecraft are ready. If you want to Make paper models, you can simply download other paper models that you want. It trains your skills and patience.

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  • anonymous

    This is not a spacecraft! It is a weapon from the Tron:Legacy movie!