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Thor Paper Model

2011 thor papercraft 225x300 Thor Paper Model

If you have seen Thor movie, you will amaze at Thor, a great warrior with a sledgehammer on his hand. Thor is a ancient warrior with great strengths and power. If you idolize Thor, you can buy its accessories and miniatures from the supermarket in your town but those accessories are very expensive. To get the Thor accessories without spending too much money, you can make it by yourself.

Making Thor accessories are very easy. In fact, you can find many Thor Paper modelling from the internet. The paper model will lead you to make Thor paper craft that is as beautiful as what you have seen on the supermarket. To start making the Thor accessories, you need to download the Paper model toys from the internet. You can get  it by browsing the internet and find free paper craft model websites.  You will find many of them and you only need to open one of it.

If you have the models, download it and then print it. After you have finished printing, you should cut it according to the motif provided. To get the final shape of the Thor warrior, you should glue it on the provided space and fold it.

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