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Making Accordion Calendar

accordion calendar papercraft 300x225 Making Accordion Calendar

If you have nothing to do in this Christmas holiday and you have all finished with the celebration, you can make a fun activity to kill the time. The activity should be interesting so your children will enjoy it too. One interesting thing that you can do is making paper craft. Making paper craft is easy and fun. You can also teach your children to cut and glue. To start the activity, you need paper craft models. To get the models, you can simply open the internet and search it.

You need to find paper model that have New Year theme such as Accordion calendar Papercraft paper. The model is not too difficult to get because you only need to type the name of it in the search engine. You can then download it from the Accordion calendar Papercraft download link that you get and simply print it on the thick paper. After it has been printed, you can then start cutting and gluing it.

You need Papercraft tools to cut and glue the Accordion calendar paper craft. Make sure that you keep eye on your children activity in cutting the paper craft because the scissors can cut their hands if they are not careful.

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