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New Pikachu Papercraft with Scarf

New Pikachu Papercraft with Scarf 300x225 New Pikachu Papercraft with Scarf

When we talk about Pokemon, we can’t separated it with a funny and yellow character namely Pikachu. In fact, most people who like Pokemon will notice that this is the main character of the movie. People like to see Pikachu because this creature has a funny face.

But you can’t underestimate this Pokemon because when this creature angry it can produce high voltage of electricity and it can be very dangerous. Moreover, you also can notice this creature because of the sound in which it likes to say “pika pika”. This is why you can call this creature Pikachu. Now, you can have the miniature by making a Pikachu papercraft project. What makes it so special to finish is because in this series you will find Pikachu with scarf papercraft model. You can imagine that this creature will be funnier and cuter.

The smiley face will makes you funnier in doing this pokemon papercraft and you can’t wait the final result. If you have children there is possibility that they will like this type of papercraft especially if they like to see the movie. At least, now you can add the latest collection and it is a different one because there is a scarf as the additional item.

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