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Super Mario Papercraft Design

Super Mario Papercraft Design 300x225 Super Mario Papercraft Design

Super Mario is one of popular character. This is because you can easily find this character when you play Nintendo or NDS entitled Super Mario Bros. What makes Mario popular is his characteristic. For example, the red color is his main characteristic or you can also notice him on his hat with M logo.

If you like to collect items with Mario as the brand image, you can also find it from papercraft. Now, you can try to make easier Super Mario papercraft model. The design is also different and you can make the papercraft stand up. His face is happy just the same when you win the game on the game play. The height of Mario papercraft design is around 19 cm.

There is no significant different on the appearance in which you can find the hat with M logo, blue vest, and a pair of shoes. The best thing of Mario papercraft model is that you can put it anywhere you like and even you can use it as a new accessory. You can also make it to give a different gift to your friend. It will be a great gift because it is a 3D Mario papercraft and it looks real just like the original character.

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