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Carft Calendar Papercraft Model

Craft Calendar 0003 Carft Calendar Papercraft Model

We already entered New Year and it seems that you need to do your resolution in 2011. But one thing to change is your calendar. Probably, you are a little bit bored with a monotonous design of your calendar and you want to have something new.

How about if you make it by yourself? Of course it will be easy for you to make it by using papercraft. In this case, you can just download craft calendar 2011 papercraft to start this project. Don’t forget to follow the instruction there because it helps you to make the calendar papercraft easier. It will be better for you to find this type of papercraft which has a free papercraft download facility. On the design, you will see the date, the month, and the day.

The model of this calendar papercraft is also unique because it looks like a box with the combination of black and gray. Later, you can just put it on your table as a new accessory at home. For those who like to collect papercraft it means this item can be your latest collection and it is a good item to welcome a New Year. You can add a new spirit because the calendar is made by your own hand.

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