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Girl Friend Calendar 2011 Papercraft

Calendar 2011 Girl Friend Calendar 2011 Papercraft

Soon, we will close our past year and welcome the New Year. Actually, what kind of resolution do you want to do in 2011? While thinking of it, you can also prepare the most important thing to show the date. Definitely, you have to prepare a new calendar to welcome 2011.

It will be great if you can have a different and unique design for your calendar. If you want it, you can just take calendar 2011 papercraft and this is not an ordinary calendar. This is a girl friends calendar with 12 different faces. Each face on the girl friends calendar bring one month. This calendar 2011 papercraft is also considered as a unique papercraft because you just need to turn on the head of the girls in the end of the month. The overall design is a girl wearing white jacket just like an Eskimo.

This type of papercraft is a perfect thing to put on your room. Of course, your daughter will be very happy if they have girl friend calendar papercraft. You can just download the instruction and the design free from specific papercraft website. In the end, you can welcome the New Year with a new funny and cool stuff that you made from papercraft design. It is also a great New Year gift for your friends or colleagues.

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