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Real Detail Hercules Beetle Paper Model

hercules Real Detail Hercules Beetle Paper Model

When I show this finished paper models in front of my little sisters face, she scream and scare and thinks that this models is real beetle that she hate most. Yes, this is Hercules Beetle Paper models that I get from this website. And the thing that make her scream is the real and detail design that this papercraft has.

This Hercules Beetle 3d paper model has detail design of real Hercules Beetle that you can find on the wild. From its head, legs and the wings that this beetle has, all they described in detail here.  And when I say in detail, it means real high. You will find the soft hair texture like what you can find on many beetle legs, the joint that looks real and the position of leg that show this beetle is going to fly.

For the color, it’s using high quality color, so, it really looks like a real Hercules Beetle, if you’re not examining it carefully. But, the magnificent part of this Hercules Beetle papercraft is the horn. It’s look magnificent with the texture and great color gradation. So, overall, it’s great and most real beetle model that you can found. And you can download it for free here.

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