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Beautiful Potala Palace Paper Models

potala Beautiful Potala Palace Paper Models

Beautiful, that is the first word that comes up inside my mind, when I successfully create this Potala Palace Paper models. This is great choice for you who like architecture artwork, especially the building with oriental style. But, there’re also many other beautiful things, you can get from this Potala Palace model. Here’re few of them.

Ultra high detail, that’s the first one and the thing that make me acknowledge it as one of the beautiful papercraft that I ever found. This Potala Palace papercraft has design of Potala Palace with the people house around it. and this model pictured the location of the palace, including the hills where this palace was build, the river, the people houses in the valley below the place and detail geographic structure and texture of this palace environment. And all of them designed in detail, from the window, pillar, walls and everything. That makes this paper models looks very beautiful.

And this Free Potala Palace paper models has high quality color for the landscape as well as the building. So, you really get the models that look like real building out there. So far, this is the most detailed papercraft models that I ever found. If you really like building model, you can’t miss this one.

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