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High Detail Armored Core Papercraft Models

armored core papercraft High Detail Armored Core Papercraft Models

You must know about Armored Core game, don’t you? Yes, this is also one of my favorite games. And it’s all because there’re many cool robots in this game. And of course, you want to have it, although it’s just for its figurine. However, if you want figurine that also give you some challenge and great artwork, you can try to create Armored Core paper models that you can download here.

First time I successfully create this 3d Armored Core papercraft, there’s only one word inside my mind, MAGNIFICENT!!! It has high detail. And when I said high detail here, it means really detailed for every inch and part of the robot, like what you see in the game, from the head, arms, armor to the system that this robot have for moving its arms can be found in this model.

However, when you download it here, you won’t get a basic design with color. You just get outline of the part that you need to cut and glue. And that’s good thing. You can print it on the color paper that you want or you can color it with the color that you like. So, this is not only Free Armored Core paper models, but, this is also free to decorate Armored Core papercrafts. Get it now!!!

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