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Beautiful and Realistic Sphinx 3D Papercraft Models

sphinx Beautiful and Realistic Sphinx 3D Papercraft Models

There’re 7 wonder of the world and one of them is pyramid and Sphinx. Actually, it’s interesting, if we talk about Sphinx statue. This statue actually builds to protect three pyramids behind it. And if we look at the time when people build it, it could become almost impossible work at that era. And that makes this statue beautiful and meaningful. You can have it, but you don’t need to go to Egypt and buy the replica. You just need to download here for Sphinx 3d papercraft model.

And because its 3d model, you will get papercraft that has detail design and similar shape with the real one. Even the damaged nose that real Sphinx has can be found in this papercraft. There’s also texture of the rock that made to build real Sphinx that this Sphinx papercraft model has.

This model is easy to make and the print quality that it has is the high quality. So, you will get best image and color like the real one. And with wide and flat base under the model, you can easily place this model on any surface. It could be table, cabinet or anything. So, this free Sphinx papercraft models can be your great choice of room decoration. And you can make your room has beautiful Egypt theme.

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