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Rarest Fish Coelacanth Papercraft Models Diorama

Coelacanth Rarest Fish Coelacanth Papercraft Models Diorama

If you like to watch sci-fi or fantasy movie, you should familiar with monster that live in the water. You might think that that monster can only be found in movie. No, that’s not right. There’s real monster that live in water in this world. It’s Coelacanth. It’s rare and prehistoric fish that still live until today. Having this fish is impossible, because it’s very rare and protected. But, you can make diorama of Coelacanth that has fun in the river with Coelacanth 3d papercraft models.

In reality, this fish has scary monster like face. But, in this papercraft art, you can still find the detail that looks like the real one, but, its looks cuter. The fin has detail design, with some damaged that can be found like in real Coelacanth. And because this Coelacanth papercraft models is diorama, there’s also background of environment like what you can find under the water. There’s rock and sand like in the river where this fish live.

This is free Coelacanth papercraft models. And it’s also equipped with assembly manual, so, you can easily create it. And with this papercraft, you can have the rarest and beautiful fish in the world as your accessories and room decoration.

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