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Legendary Bird Pokémon Zapdos Papercraft Models

zapdos 300x225 Legendary Bird Pokémon Zapdos Papercraft Models

Nintendo has created many unique, beautiful and interesting games. If you hear Pokémon words, you must think about cute monster that you train and evolve, also fight with them. For me, Pokémon Fire Red game is the best. And if we talk about this game, you should know about three legendary Pokémon bird. One of them is Zapdos, the hardest and fastest legendary bird that you can encounter.And now, there’s Zapdos 3d papercraft model that you can get. Yes, this papercraft will give you real Zapdos that you can have.

It has detail design, from the sparkling fur because of high electricity that this Pokémon has and the shape of its head that just looks like the Zapdos that you can find in the game. To create this Zapdos papercraft models can be said it’s easy. But, if you never made papercraft before, you don’t need to worry. The base picture that you can get from download this papercraft model is easy to assembly.

So, if you’re fans of Pokémon game and you adore this legendary bird Pokémon, you can get this Zapdos papercraft for free. And then, you can have your own Zapdos in your room that ready to attack you with its electric attack.

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