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Pokemon Papercraft Series: Mijumaru Papercraft Design

mijumaru papercraft 300x260 Pokemon Papercraft Series: Mijumaru Papercraft Design

How many pokemon papercraft collections do you have? If you are specialized on collecting pokemon papercraft, you have find more and more because there are a lot of new collections waiting for you. Just like new pokemon papercraft model known as Mijumaru. Do you ever heard about this pokemon?

Actually, Mijumaru is one of water type pokemon. The face is not to scary even the face is very funny but later it can evolve into Futachimaru. The main characteristic of Mijumaru is his yellow nose and his blue uniform. If you still don’t have this type of pokemon, you can find Mijumaru papercraft model to download. Moreover, Mijumaru is a 3D pokemon papercraft design so it will be a little bit complicated to complete this project. But, because you are one of pokemon fans it doesn’t matter for you especially because later you can have one more new pokemon papercarft on your cupboard.

3D Mijumaru papercraft model is also suitable for you who want to give something to your best friend especially if he or she likes pokemon also. Just find a website which offers you with papercraft model service and then download the pattern for free so you can start this new papercraft project right away. You will like this pokemon especially after seeing his funny face and nose.

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